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Panel Portal Software Must-Haves and Nice-To-Haves


Board portal software is a worthwhile tool to streamline the various processes interested in meeting planning, communication and collaboration. Additionally, it supports the utmost level of security, protecting very sensitive information and data coming from malicious threats that could in any other case compromise a company’s surgical procedures. When considering potential board management software alternatives, it is recommended to have a list of “must-have, ” “nice-to-have, ” and “not needed” features before you start the selection procedure. This list can serve as strategies during demos with multiple suppliers, helping you pick the perfect alternative for your organization’s unique needs.

Centralized File Storage

The board report administration feature of the board site should give centralized, easy-to-use storage just for files and documents which will be discussed for meetings, and which can be referenced or shared between users. By utilizing this kind of feature, you can eliminate the dependence on board individuals to access docs via email attachments or perhaps personal cloud services which may not provide secure encryption or security password security.

Enhanced Doc Editing

The cabability to upload and modify multiple documents concurrently is a necessary function in board portals. This feature allows users to quickly and easily change record names, codecs, and other attributes in order to better set up their records. It is also helpful for board participants to acquire access to a complete library of file types, which are available for the purpose of download just for offline review.

Task Control

After every productive board meeting, you will likely contain a long list of tasks to complete. Ensure that your board users are prepared to successfully prepare for another meeting board collaboration software and follow-up on projects with the help of a job manager.

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