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Offshoring Pros and Cons: Things You Need to Know


The team works exclusively on your projects and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. You should opt for this offshoring contract if you have a long-term project requiring a lot of flexibility. If you do, it’s essential to keep manageable milestones and routinely analyze progress reports.

Still, only people who have formally mastered a body of knowledge, such as accountants and lawyers, can execute these tasks. It’s also inherently difficult to manage the quality of the work in real time. If firms can measure the quality of the end result, the risk of offshoring or outsourcing the processes becomes manageable.

Benefits of offshoring

Good planning minimizes the risks and boosts your chances of enjoying the fruits of outsourcing. Defining the project’s scope and schedule keeps you focused on the “prize” and minimizes costs. This might not be as obvious as it seems—especially if it’s your first outsourcing project.

How to Conduct Offshoring

Additionally, importers can receive their goods via truck or rail if it’s coming from a nearshore country that shares a border with the United States. This allows American companies  to bypass all the delays that come with shipping by sea. For example, many ocean ports in the U.S. were overwhelmed with freight during the pandemic. Even with port congestion beginning to tapper off, imported products will still arrive much faster from a nearshore country than one further away.

Fewer Challenges To Conducting Business

Once the communication framework has been set, the team must have an agreement on the channel that would work best for them. Everyone on the team must adhere to the schedule as consistently as possible. One of the effective methods we’ve been practicing is having communication at the beginning and end of each day. Another factor is to make sure that everyone has the same level of understanding and this can be done by establishing a feedback method that would work for the team. Maintaining good communication with your offshore team is one of the most important parts of your relationship. However, long distances can make it more difficult to travel around for regular updates than in a local office environment.

  • This article will help you decide if offshoring is ideal for your business.
  • This contract describes the project’s requirements, usually in the form of an RFP (Request for Proposal).
  • The state is facing a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion, and there is pressure for IT (and all state agencies) to cut costs.
  • To ensure that your onshore and offshore teams work smoothly and efficiently, you need to align your processes and standards.
  • Many companies rely on outdated training course materials and manuals filled with industry-specific jargon.
  • Outstaffing means hiring a team or a worker abroad for some business purpose.

For instance, some countries like Mexico have certain strict laws regarding offshoring. However, the process of offshoring can be prone to certain pitfalls like communication and cultural gaps. You must clearly understand the various challenges you could face before taking the offshoring route for your business.

Inhouse vs outsourced software development

The many disadvantages of offshoring are enough to make any business owner question whether it’s worth it. Check out more differences between the offshoring and outsourcing business models. In outsourcing, businesses hire a third-party vendor to take https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ care of specific functions such as accounting, hiring, public relations, etc. Offshore companies should prepare for such human resource management challenges ahead of time. Generally speaking, offshore outsourcing is frowned upon in most countries.

Geert Hofstede, a researcher in the area of culture, developed a list of five cultural dimensions that can help define how cultures are different (Hofstede, 2011). As previously mentioned, one of the benefits of offshoring your operations is that it gives your business a permanent foothold in foreign markets. Offshore outsourcing is the process by which a business hires a third-party outsourcing company to manage a certain part of its operations. If you’re looking to take advantage of offshoring opportunities, then understanding the difference between captive offshoring and offshore outsourcing is key. And to truly succeed in today’s ever-changing business landscape, training your offshore team should be an ongoing process. Your local management team could arrange occasional visits to your offshore team’s location if possible.

Best practices of offshoring

They do not become a part of your team because they are officially employed by another agency. Often, these companies are intermediaries between you and your employees abroad and may overcharge you because of it. You can follow the best practices shared in this article for your offshore operation and make the most out of this beneficial business offshore software development process. When working with remote teams, it’s important to know how the employees spend their work hours. That’s why team members from your side need to get along smoothly with the offshore employees assigned as points of contact. They need to interact flawlessly, as this has a huge impact on the overall success of the business relationship.

How to Conduct Offshoring

Certain countries have more volatile climates, and might be more susceptible to violence or political unrest. In today’s hyper-connected world, it is very easy for news of unethical worker treatment to spread online, and tarnish your brand. Consumers are more picky than ever, and are willing to stop using a brand’s products because of ethical issues like this. So make sure that you take this into account when looking into offshoring.

Example of offshoring

Companies are increasingly looking outward to alleviate the tech talent crunch for IT and software development support. “Go somewhere cheap.” When asking for an IT offshoring market recommendation 10 or 15 years ago, this would quite likely have been the answer. Fast forward to 2021, and an ideal outsourcing destination needs to offer much more than just labor arbitrage benefits.

How to Conduct Offshoring

After acquiring the company, Google opened its R&D center in CloudSimple’s base in Ukraine with employees from CloudSimple working there. It allows cloud vendors like Microsoft’s Azure to deploy and manage workloads on the cloud. These developers handled most of the development, while in-house engineers in Silicon Valley focused on client-focused tasks like customer support. And the opening of Chinese markets attracted a large corporation – apparel industry giant Nike to offshore manufacturing.

A brief guide to offshore software development

Offshore partners may also have access to better facilities and use reliable manufacturing strategies. This ensures U.S. businesses that the goods they import will be top quality. While there are many types of products that can be imported from countries close to the U.S., there are many others that are only accessible from nations that are further away. Rather than outsourcing operations to a country geographically closer to your country, offshoring outsources operations that are typically overseas.

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