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Best cloud storage for businesses in 2023


Virtual appliances are licensed per socket and per server for physical servers, where the virtual server runs on the organization’s own hardware. Cloud Direct is priced per terabyte of cloud storage used, independent of the number of host machines protected or agents deployed. DRaaS users can also purchase reserved RAM to recover virtual instances in a disaster scenario.

cloud backup services for business

If you do choose to manage your own encryption key, know that it is your responsibility to remember it. The online backup app and company won’t be able to help you reset the password if you forget it. Use a password manager to keep track of your private encryption key if you think you will forget it. Protect your computers and mobile devices from data loss via ransomware, hard drive failure, natural disasters, and anything else.

Maintaining Legacy Backup and Recovery Solutions

In addition to the numerous potential data backup issues and errors, the most reliable solution is often to use third-party data tools to get the backup job done. It’s safe to assume that not all data in OneDrive for Business requires a backup. Therefore, to streamline your backup process, identify and classify data based on its importance.

cloud backup services for business

Cloud-backup services aren’t the same as online-syncing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive. Backblaze is one of the cheapest cloud-backup solutions, gigabyte for gigabyte, and that’s despite a recent price hike. It’s definitely the easiest to use — you literally can just set Backblaze and forget https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ it. SpiderOak One has a strong focus on security while giving you the ability to back up unlimited devices. It also provides great sharing and syncing features but there is a steep learning curve. Gadjo has covered various aspects of technology including smartphones, laptops, business solutions, and app ecosystems.

What precautions should you take when choosing cloud-based storage for business?

Whereas endpoint protection was once considered unnecessary, employees working from home need endpoint protection for their devices. If you are a small business suddenly faced with employees working from home, you may be looking for secure cloud backups for your staff to store and access work and business data. So if you’re looking to use a cloud storage service in a very particular way, certainly do the planning necessary to understand exactly what kinds of custom tweaks and workflows you’ll need. But once that’s done, don’t assume you’ll need to build all that yourself.

  • Data security through strong encryption is an essential consideration.
  • It can create application-consistent backups of Windows and Linux VMs as well as various databases including SQL, SAP HANA and PostgreSQL.
  • All you need to do is go through an initial setup process, and you’ll be able to get at your organization’s data from any internet-capable device.
  • Because of that, business are encouraged to protect their Office 365 suite with Office 365 total backup tools.

A partner takes the company’s core products, like Microsoft 365, and builds integrations and workflow features using that product and one or more third-party cloud services. Those solutions are built to attract specific kinds of businesses or verticals. The EU regions it currently supports include France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, although it is expanding into more countries. Its UI is easy to use, and the same goes for its mobile apps for Android and iOS. These 11 cloud-to-cloud solutions back up your organization’s data so you’ll be covered in the event of deletions, malware or outages.

Zoolz BigMIND – Unrivaled for Data Privacy Compliance

In previous years, we differentiated between local backup software and online backup services. The first makes a copy of your data that you store wherever you choose, such as on an external hard drive. The other encrypts your data for security and sends it to the backup company’s servers for off-site storage. Both methods cloud backup services for business have their merits, but more and more frequently, backup companies give you the option to choose. As a result, we now look at the best local backup software and online backup services in this one article. Carbonite offers a range of device and cloud backup services, including Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365.

cloud backup services for business

For example, a few vendors focus solely on backup of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace data. These services ensure that an administrator can easily retrieve copies of email, files, calendar events and other items from the organization’s chosen cloud-based collaboration platform. While both Microsoft and Google maintain highly redundant and reliable systems, neither preserves versioned backup data of deleted data for more than a brief period of time. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup focuses on Microsoft 365 backup of Teams, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data backup. SharePoint backup, for example, lets you also preserve templates, permissions and metadata, along with libraries, lists and documents. Pricing isn’t published, but an online configurator helps you assess costs.

Beyond Built-in Features: Exploring the Benefits of Third-Party Office 365 Backup Solutions

It’s designed to protect workstations, servers and Microsoft 365 data. HYCU supports Nutanix AHV and VMware environments as well as major public clouds including Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. It offers support for various databases, including IBM DB2, SAP HANA, Google Cloud Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Cloud storage is priced based on capacity, with decreased costs for less frequently used data.

When looking for the best cloud storage for business, prioritize services offering 24-hour customer support that’ll help you get up and running as soon as possible. It’s also worth considering a data recovery solution, which will further protect you against data loss. You can set up backups to run continuously, daily, or when manually prompted. Usage is restricted to just one device per user per account, and while there’s support for external hard drives, there is none for network drives or mobile devices. The top cloud storage for businesses is often provided by the best cloud storage providers, who also largely provide the best personal cloud storage. What sets cloud storage for businesses apart is the necessary and integral focus on cloud storage security and collaborative tools.

Object storage for

For instance, it also offers ransomware protection, which is quickly becoming one of the major concerns of all business owners. Before upgrading your business’s cloud storage, it’s worth taking stock of what you’re currently using. An audit will allow you to optimize current resources, make an informed choice on future investments, and consider your storage framework. Backblaze is built with novices in mind, as you only need to set it up once, and only need to access it again should your computer somehow be compromised. There’s a very simple installation wizard that guides you through the first-time setup, and once done, Backblaze will automatically back up all files and folders in the background.

However, please bear in mind that data is secured server-side (if you don’t enable Private Encryption Keys) – and they could compel the firm to share access to your data via a government warrant. Thus, you should set up E2EE (it does provide it) if you want to ensure no server-side access to your business’ data. A centralized web console gives you access to data backups to restore files from anywhere. And, you can create multiple accounts within your storage space and monitor all backups from inside the administrator console. Backups can be retrieved either online or via a physical drive if necessary. Plus, files can easily be synced across various devices and staff members for collaboration.

Can I use Google Drive or Dropbox?

Integration across those applications, including Word, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint, enables users to collaborate dynamically, making OneDrive our choice for the best cloud storage platform for business. It supports scheduled, continuous and incremental backups, but not disk imaging or hybrid storage locations. There’s also no mobile backup nor does Backblaze support servers or NAS devices, which is something a lot of businesses will need.

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